Hampton Bay Exhaust Fan

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An Efficient Hampton Bay Exhaust Fan For Your Home To Acquire Today 

Quiet And Efficient Exhaust Fan 

The hampton bay exhaust fan was manufactured to provide perfect humidity regulation for your bathroom by providing an efficient, quiet, effortless continuous operation with little need for maintenance. It has a very low-noise level and it is mounted to the ceiling of your bathroom.

The hampton bay exhaust fan when installed to your ceiling is actually unobtrusive and can go unnoticed unless you are looking out for it. This exhaust fan is energy saving and eco-friendly as well. Your hampton bay exhaust fan meets all cUL and UL safety standards, which is great for people that are particularly about the safety of all their installed appliances.

The hampton bay exhaust fan is fully functional in a room of the dimension size of 80 square meters. This product has a dimension of 15.5 inches in Length, 15 inches in Width and 11.2 inches in Height. Other features of this exhaust fan include;

  • Net Weight – 11.1 pounds.
  • Noise Level – 0.5 sones.
  • It comes with a DC Motor.
  • Colour – White Finish.
  • Air flow capacity – 80 CFM.
  • A single 16-Watt LED light engine.

This exhaust fan can also be used in your kitchen and helps to reduce the humidity there and ease the heat generated while you cook your meal.

Your home needs the hampton bay exhaust fan simply because of its noise-less efficiency, eco-friendly and energy saving capabilities. You will have no worries about spending a fortune on electric bills and maintenance costs, as the exhaust fan has a low energy consumption rate and almost zero maintenance costs. It can be used continually without stopping and this further gives credence to the strength and durability of the exhaust fan.

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